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The Slow AF Run Club is a growing online community exclusively for slow runners and walkers at the back of the pack. Our goal? Help you become the runner you were born to be, celebrate diversity in running, and change the sport one step at a time!

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Want to start running, but you don’t know where to begin?
Or maybe you’ve tried running before, but never stuck with it?
Even if you do manage to get started, how do you make sure you’re doing it safely–injury-free and with proper nutrition? This is the book for you.

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 You can think of the Slow AF Run Club as the Facebook for the Back of the Pack, we have our own app on iPhone, iPad, and Android but without the ads, hates speech, trolls, and political nonsense that Facebook provides.

What Our Members Says

I’ve been an athlete for 13 years, however, always felt totally isolated as a runner. I run slow, always. I wouldn’t enter races; didn’t understand this idea of community people referenced...and then I discovered the Slow AF Running Club. The range of runners is vast and we are here to support and uphold, to cheer the wins, and hold space for the hard runs. In a time of separation, I’ve found connection and it pushes me to tackle miles weekly.
Beth G.
I've been part of other running groups and Facebook groups for runners where I have felt intimidated about my pace. Let's just say that I have experienced a lot of disrespect as a slow runner! Slow AF has definitely been a safe, happy place for me! It also provides accountability, weekly challenges, encouragement, & motivation. Its also a great space to learn more about running as well, for those that are newbies. If you are thinking about starting to run, and you want to be encouraged, learn more about running, and have a forum to ask questions, I highly recommend the Slow AF Run Club!
Jennifer C.
Less than a year ago I was Googling "can you be over 200 pounds and run a 5K." I'm living in rural America. I've got no place to go. An MSN article led me to Martinus and this amazing community, which I didn't realize I desperately needed. I can share my progress, my struggles, and always get positivity in return. I'm no longer embarrassed, or hiding because I'm afraid of how I'll look to others. Now I'm celebrating every run and making plans to crush even bigger goals.
Heather V.
Join over 25,000 Goal Crushers.
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