The Slow AF Run Club was founded with one vision:

to empower every person on this planet to become a runner in the body they have right now.

Slow AF founder Martinus Evans’ personal journey began ten years ago, when his doctor called him fat and told him he needed to start walking to “lose weight or die.”

Faced with the shame and stigma many people in larger bodies face, Martinus made the choice to stand up for himself. “Screw walking,” he said. “I’ll run a marathon.” He left the doctor’s office and bought running shoes that same day.

Ten years later, Martinus has been an adidas spokesperson, a model on the cover of Runner’s World, and a Boston Marathon finisher. Martinus has ran over 100 races including 8 marathons.

Now he’s set his sights on changing the perception of what a runner is supposed to look like. He founded The Slow AF Run Club to be the world’s largest inclusive online community for back-of-the-pack runners. Welcome!

Kickstart Your Running Journey

Learn how to run–injury free–in the body you have right now (and ditch the diet culture BS!) Access how-tos and training plans specifically developed for slow runners by slow runners. Enjoy battle-tested advice, weekly Zoom workouts, and more. With Slow AF you’ll hit the ground running–at your own pace.

Join an Inclusive Running Community

Meet runners in your area and make friends from around the world! With Slow AF, you can find running buddies, and join a diverse community of runners to support you and cheer you on through training and across every finish line.

Find Running Motivation

Once you’ve started running, learn how to build confidence and consistency in your workout and movement routines. As you see improvements, learn to set and reach new goals. Go farther. Go faster (or don’t! That’s okay!)

Become the runner you were meant to be and embrace your inner athlete! The Slow AF Run Club can help get you there.

Join Slow AF Run Club

You can be part of our community in many ways:

Our Values

Together in the Struggle

Perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. We believe that perseverance is essential to your running journey. At many times in our lives we may encounter loss, mental or physical illness, and other set-backs. We will not let the tough times stop us. We will overcome all obstacles and support and motivate each other.


A positive attitude can make the difference between a good day and a bad day–or between flying and falling. In the Slow AF Run Club, we focus on daily gratitude and sharing weekly wins to celebrate the best parts of your life. With gratitude and positivity, we seek more fulfilling personal lives and goals.

Determination and Dedication

Determination is a powerful tool. It can drive us to the finish line of races and push us to goals we never thought we could achieve. Our community’s aim is to help you cultivate determination and dedication. With these assets on lock, you can achieve anything.


We embrace our inner courage. We do not turn away from difficult things because they scare us. We tackle every day by putting our bravest foot forward!

"I'm no longer embarrassed, or hiding because I'm afraid of how I'll look to others. Now I'm celebrating every run and making plans to crush even bigger goals."
Heather V.

Take the Slow AF Run Club Pledge

I make this pledge to myself and to the Slow AF Run Club Community.

I will do the work to be better than who I am now. That means respecting the process and making no excuses. I am honest with myself about setting realistic goals.

I don’t do diets. Diets are temporary, and do not lead to long-term success.

I love myself unconditionally. Even if I am not there yet, I will practice leaving the hating to the haters. They are nothing but extra motivation for me.

I aim for progress, not perfection. I strive to go further than I did yesterday, because consistency is the only way to reach my goals.

I forgive myself and others. Forgiveness is the rebirth of hope, and it is truly the only way to move on to embracing the greatness within me.

Lastly, I Chase Values and Achieve Goals. I let my personal values for life be the driving force and compass to achieving my running, health, and movement goals.