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Great News: No matter your athletic level, body size, shape, or age- you can run.

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Running Essentials is the Slow AF Run Club’s premium beginners course for new runners, or people who want to get back into running starting with the key basics.

In four weeks you will:


Martinus Evans' personal fitness tips and tricks

Martinus Evans, Certified Run Coach

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Prior to Running Essentials, I spent 5 months learning to run using popular apps. At first it was going really well, but as the programs progressed, I started getting burnt out and overwhelmed. During the 4 weeks of Running Essentials, I ran half as much as I did the month before and by the end I was able to run my fastest 5K yet, and running stopped feeling like a chore.
With Martinus’ framework, you will build running fundamentals and learn to shift your mindset about becoming an athlete. I was a previous marathoner who had lost interest in running and with Martinus’ guidance I found my love and confidence in running again.

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